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Peter Maier Leichtbau

Structures previously called pml are known as Lightcross since 2019: high-tech structures, with maximum financial and ecological efficiency. For connecting people, sustainably.

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When only the facts matter

The Lightcross Coefficient puts a value on the ecological and financial benefits of Lightcross aluminium structures.




Constructed using the new HL beam systems:
Specially made to your requirements

Structures bearing the name Lightcross are put together carefully – choosing the right combination of beam section ensures maximum financial efficiency while conserving ecological resources to the greatest extent possible.

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Our accomplishments

Two new bridges over the Ludwig-Donau-Main Canal

Two is Better ... and twice as beautiful.
Wendelstein · 2020

Pedestrian and cycle path bridge over the Glems

The shortcut par excellence.
Schwieberdingen · 2019

Pedestrian and cycle path bridge over the B313

Crossing the main roads safely
Grafenberg · 2019

Cycle path bridge in Aurich-Spekendorf

One more ticked off the residents' wish list
Aurich · 2019

Pedestrian bridge over the Pleiße

All's well that ends well.
Lichtentanne · 2019

Laucherthal cycle path bridge over the Lauchert

DELETE {detour}
Sigmaringendorf · 2019

Cycle and pedestrian bridge over the K30

Saves a lot of time.
Würselen · 2019

Bridge over the Spree

An idyll in aluminum.
Spremberg · 2018

Cycle and pedestrian bridge over the railway tracks in Hannover

Great relief to local residents.
Hannover · 2018

Bridge over the Bode for the Neinstedt Evangelical Foundation

A huge relief.
Thale · 2018

Pylon bridge between Germany and Luxembourg

Bridges also connect nations.
Metzdorf · 2018

Pedestrian bridge at the train station in Ottweiler

Impressive track crossing.
Ottweiler · 2017
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